April 7th 2017

110 min with interval

„Fuck me or kill him!“


Macbeth: Miloslav König
Lady Macbeth: Anežka Kubátová / Johana Schmidtmajerová
Banco: Jiří Černý
Duncan: Leoš Noha
Macduff: Václav Vašák
Ross: Jakub Vaverka
Lady Macduff: Kateřina Císařová
Man 1: Vojtěch Vondráček
Man 2: Petr Čtvrtníček

Creative team

Script, stage design, director: David Jařab 
Dramaturgy: Lucie Ferenzová
Costumes: Sylva Zimula Hanáková
Music: Jakub Kudláč

Czech actors in a stage production communicate with a simple, rhythmic abbreviated English that any beginner understands – and anyone who doesn’t can read the Czech subtitles. 


Evil is not born in a dark cauldron but grows from an unwillingness to admit what makes us happy, both those around us and to ourselves. Where a natural desire for happiness cannot be appeased, therein grows a desire for power. Power that allows us to seek revenge for our own traumas and feelings of worthlessness. A variation on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in which we cannot be sure whether the action takes place in the past, present, or far future. We don’t know whether we are returning to old models when “men were men,” “women were women,” and anyone who wanted power and money had to spill blood, or whether we are gazing into a future where cultivation, propriety, and empathy have yielded once again to our basest instincts. The world of this Macbeth speaks a universal language in which there is no longer space for transcendence and philosophical thought. A language which names reality simply and inexorably. Only one language and a few words now suffice to understand this world. A dark bluegrass black comedy on a classic theme that blends absurdity with melancholy


“This production is an exceptional example of classic material inventively grasped." 80 %
Saša Hrbotický, Aktuálně.cz, 11 April 2017

“The fact that they have moved the power struggle and machinations from a castle to a business conference and meetings, and that the witches have been replaced by homeless individuals, perhaps sounds a bit banal. But when combined with a surprising bluegrass aesthetic, the banjo and good music create the specific postmodern mix of our world, where the last word comes from simple abbreviated English that can be understood anywhere. On the Scottish Highlands, in the American South, or at a hotel somewhere." 80 %
Tomáš Štástka,, 16 April 2017

“As has been written many times, the actors from Zábradlí are a perfect team and this theatre founded on paradoxes understands well the true inner individual amidst the ‘social game’."
Marie Reslová,, 11 April 2017

“This rendition of Macbeth is completely different from all others. Completely original. It is daring, it is bold, and therefore it is ingenious. Macbeth is transformed into a Monty Pythonesque comical character (Too much pathos!) and Lady Macbeth is simply the object of our pity. She’s not a harpy thirsting for power but a woman who has no idea that silence is golden (like any woman) and can only gape at what her words can unleash. And it doesn’t bother me at all that the Czech actors speak English during the performance. It is this true daring that gives the production an originality you won’t find in any other theatre."
Soňa Hanušová,, 19 April 2017

“The timelessness of Shakespeare’s subject matter, the alternative approach to the fable and the world of words, the pointed futility of human existence, which loses its meaning if we fail to give it meaning ourselves – all of this is offered by the new premiere from Divadlo Na Zábradlí directed by David Jařab."
Martina Doležalová, Nenuďtese,cz, 9 April 2017