CONKED BY A CUDGEL (Kyjem po kebuli)

CONKED BY A CUDGEL (Kyjem po kebuli) Petr Erbes, Boris Jedinák a kol.

February 21st and 22nd 2020

95 min without interval


Magdaléna Sidonová
Barbora Bočková
Kateřina Císařová
Václav Vašák
Vojtěch Vondráček
Štěpán Lustyk
Milan Vedral


Concept, screenplay, director: Petr Erbes, Boris Jedinák
Stage Design: Jan Tomšů
Costumes: Klára Fleková
Music: Ian Mikyska
Choreography: Markéta Stránská

“The inhabitants of the Mariana Islands can make twelve spears from the human skeleton, and the larger the body, the better and bigger the spears. For this reason, however, these savages feel a great desire to kill a man of high stature. But I do not wish to lose my life and shed blood for their spears, but only for Christ's name! "
- Augustin Strobach, May 21, 1683

The production stems from the letters of Augustin Strobach, a Jesuit missionary and a native of Jihlava who left for the Mariana Islands and never returned home alive. During his mission, he baptized more than four hundred savages, married a hundred pairs, taught the locals to grow corn, and was eventually beaten with a club in a bloody rebellion.
What was the meaning of Augustine's "martyrdom"? How did the Czech footprint imprint on the history of culture on the other side of the world? Is it possible to spread truth and love on ships that also carry rats, plague and taxation?