GOLDEN BEACH (Zlatá pláž)

GOLDEN BEACH Jaroslav Žváček

September 3rd and 4th 2020

85 min without interval


Zombie: Jiří Černý
Standa: Jiří Vyorálek
Linda: Barbora Bočková
Mother, Police officer I: Jana Plodková
Doctor, Adrian: Petr Čtvrtníček
Police officer II: Kateřina Císařová


Director: Jan Prušinovský
Stage Design: Lukáš Kuchinka
Costumes: Ivan Stekla

Screenwriter Jaroslav Žváček and director Jan Prušinovský are united through cooperation in film, television and theater. Now, for the first time, they introduce themselves to Divadlo Na zábradlí with the original text on the following topic: Can an ugly person without schools achieve happiness in life?
It is said that he who strives will achieve what he wants. But why strive when no one appreciates it? The young boy, nicknamed Zombie after his appearance, gets a chance. However he turns into a monster that not only tempts the hand that feeds him, but also slaps everyone with that torn hand.