HEDONISTS (Požitkáři)

HEDONISTS (Požitkáři) Jan Mikulášek, Dora Viceníková

October 24th and 25th 2014

80 min without interval

"And you know that one? How Rudolf Hrušínský goes to heaven?"


Hedonist: Dita Kaplanová
HedonistMagdaléna Sidonová
HedonistJana Plodková
Hedonist: Anežka Kubátová / Barbora Bočková
HedonistLeoš Noha
HedonistVáclav Vašák
HedonistMiloslav König
HedonistPetr Jeništa
HedonistJakub Žáček

Creative team

Director: Jan Mikulášek 
Dramaturgy: Dora Viceníková 
Set and costumes: Marek Cpin 
Music: Miloslav König

Weird company meet in the hotel lobby. The actor, who is trying to learn a breakneck text to exhaustion, elegant lady with a secret in her bag, the weird guy who everyone laughs at... They all have seemingly nothing in common, time drags slowly or is already standing, they lead the call, nobody leaves, but the time from time someone suddenly says goodbye to life. The boundary between life and death is blurring and the questions like "What's for dinner?" and "How will I die?" become equally important. Grotesque view of the deep theme of life and death, supported by exaggeration, humour, but also sad tones.


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,,The performances adorn perfect interplay and diction."

Ivan Žáček, DIVADLO 23/Plzeň 2015 (no. 4), 13. 9. 2015

,,Perfectionistically impeccable red scenography of Marek Cpin makes an impression of space that airier, deeper and wider than what the stage actually offers. This time salon with piano, a piece of furniture, two massive chairs and even a corridor to the first floor with a sink and toilets can be found there."
Nina Tiliu, Aktuálně.cz, 5. 11. 2014

,,The play leaves you with contradictory thoughts and strong emotions. No climax, no message at the end. Nor death usually comes at the moment when one would wish; many lives are abrupted without any point."
Tomáš Šťástka, iDNES.cz, 5. 11. 2014

,,In any case it is remarkable how how everyone is playing together and how well they communicate - even more when you see actors who have been playing together only for on season - for three of them it's even the first premiere in Na zábradlí Theatre."
Jana Machalická, Lidové noviny, 27. 10. 2014

,,From the beginnin the play is quite funny - death is not a taboo in our culture and we can have fun watching variations on that topic. That would be of course too few for Na zábradlí Theatre - you are awaiting where it gets afterwards and you know that this is not story of the characters, but story of the whole play. Indeed, under the pall of death all the characters start to behave strangely, they are all somehow mean to each other, one of the elegant men violently pushes big bag out of lady's hands. And suddenly - urn with the ashes falls to the ground. All of the characters starts to collect the ashes with plastic scoop."
Alena Zemančíková, Deník Referendum, 27. 10. 2014

,,Hedonists work perfectly with the atmosphere, impressive artistic conception of Marek Cpin evokes Buñuel films from the sixties. Music (Miloslav König) and the overall tempo together with great actor's scenes - everything perfectly fits together and works."
Magdalena Kodedová, Kulturissimo.cz, 28. 10. 2014

,,Hedonists require thinking from the audience. They can help get rid of the fear of death by talking about it again and again in this play."
Tereza Kurfiřtová, Eurozprávy.cz, 3. 11. 2014