Jan Mikulášek, Boris Jedinák and collective

Hello Universe! / Planetarium

It is 2:29 pm, August 20, 1977 and the space probe Voyager 2 is launched from Cape Canaveral. Amongst the equipment on board is an oval plaque that carries the Golden Record – a time capsule intended for extra-terrestrial civilizations. It includes 55 greetings in various languages, an hour-long recording of brainwaves and 27 music tracks representing the Earth. Once the representatives of distant planets play the record, they will hear Chuck Berry, Stravinsky or the Navajo Night Chant. Why though aren’t the Beatles, Bob Dylan or Leoš Janáček included on the record?

An original production directed by resident director Jan Mikulášek tells the story of the creation of the Golden Record and the key question Carl Sagan’s team faced. What do we want to share about ourselves with alien beings? What must we hide from them? Can beings living outside of our solar system ever understand us? And do we even understand ourselves?

June 30th, 2021


director / Jan Mikulášek
dramaturgy / Boris Jedinák
set and costumes / Marek Cpin
music / Ian Mikyska

Václav Vašák
Vojtěch Vondráček
Barbora Bočková
Kateřina Císařová
Johana Matoušková
Jiří Kniha
Jan Cina