Michel Houellebecq and Bernard-Henri Lévy

Public Enemies

A dialogue through letters exchanged over a period of six months between the popular nihilist Michel Houellebecq and the caviar leftist philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy contains themes both deeply philosophical and humanly down-to-earth. The provocative clash of views opens up questions about Sartre, Kafka and eczema, about the relationship with one’s father and the political left, and about the existence of God. On the one hand, a self-confident, tanned intellectual, on the other a depressed novelist with a perpetual cigarette in the corner of his mouth – their divergent worldviews form a highly inflammable shatter.

October 27th, 2023

to be specified

director / Jan Mikulášek
translation / Alan Beguivin
dramaturgy / Dora Štědroňová
set and costumes / Dragan Stojčevski

Václav Vašák
Miloslav König

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