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Life – concept – game. The unexpected discovery of a small diary in plastic folders with the logo of the state-owned Mototechna company, in which Václav Havel wrote notes, thoughts and ideas during his first extended stay in prison, gives a glimpse into an agitated mind unprepared for an encounter with the devil himself.

“Who is Faust, anyway? Maybe he is the kind of decadent intellectual I remember in Slavia twenty years ago – he plays a bit of a dissident… a personality, but a bit decadent… he just talks – he knows a lot! … a bankrupt existence – but not quite – a bit of a talker – a bit of a poser – exaggerates his wrongs a bit – always longing – phenomenological jargon – something slightly unserious about him – what’s entangling him? What is he involved in?” Václav Havel remarked in 1977.

Temptation, Havel’s version of the Faustian legend, will be viewed by director Jiří Havelka through the author’s diary entries, commentaries and various references.

March 15th, 2024

to be specified

director / Jiří Havelka

Jiří Vyorálek
Jana Plodková
Vojtěch Vondráček
Jiří Černý
Johana Matoušková
Barbora Bočková
Jakub Žáček

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