Book a Show

To book the entirety of our Theatre for a performance is a great opportunity for a gathering of your employees, clients, or business partners. Our performance can become a part of your party or celebration of company anniversary. The Theatre spaces would be closed to the public for your private event and reserved solely for you and your guests. The capacity of the Theatre is 159 seats depending on the selected production. The Foyer of the Theatre, the Eliade Library, and our Attic Studio are also available for rental before or after the performance. We offer our own catering or are happy to help facilitate communication with your chosen supplier. You may also book a performance outside of Prague. We will ensure rental of an adequate stage space and will perform your chosen production in your city.

Zábradlí on the Balcony
For a smaller party, we offer our balcony space. Our Balcony Gallery would be reserved solely for you and your guests. We offer 31 seats on the Balcony and additional 10 seats on the ground floor. Again, we are happy to facilitate catering for the Gallery before or after the performance.

Choose a production from our current repertoire and let us know what you are looking for. We also offer several productions with English subtitles.

Contact Kateřina Balíková
, tel: 222 868 880, 774 460 391


Divadlo Na zábradlí features a theatre auditorium, two studio spaces, a lovely bar area and modern Front of house. Rent our spaces throughout the year to host a cultural, social, or corporate event, to host a VIP party or conferences, or to shoot a film or hold an audition for it.

  • Theatre Auditorium – 165 seats
  • The Eliade Library – 40 seats
  • Attic Studio – 30 seats

Contact Alexandra Poláková

222 868 867, 739 023 171