Box Office

222 868 868

Mon–Fri 2pm–7pm
weekend show days (or holidays) 5pm–7pm

To purchase bulk tickets (more than 10) with 20% off, e-mail .

Box Office Manager
Lukáš Křížek

Methods of Payment

  • cash or credit/debit card
  • DNz gift vouchers and couponsz
  • Up: eBenefity
  • Up: Unišek, Unišek+, Unišek+ FKSP a Cadhoc
  • Edenred Card: Benefits / Card FKSP
  • Edenred: Sport & Culture, Compliments
  • Sodexo: Flexi Pass Card, Multi Pass Card
  • Sodexo: Flexi Pass, Fokus Pass, Gift Pass

These payment methods only apply to purchases made at the Box Office. GoOut determines their own terms and conditions.


Full admission ranges from 250 to 450 CZK.

The following discounts are provided:

  • student 40% (Box Office, GoOut)
  • senior (from 65 years) 40% (Box Office, GoOut)
  • partner companies 20% (Box Office)
  • bulk orders 10% (Box Office)
  • ZTP, ZTP / P 100 CZK (Box Office, selected sellers)
  • press tickets at

All of these discounts are only available when purchasing a ticket at our Box Office.

The price of tickets for the Masopust Theater Association’s performances is CZK 250.

AMU and other art schools’ students may purchase a ticket for 50 CZK thirty minutes before the start of the performance.

2 100 CZK

Are you frequent visitors of our Theatre? Are you looking for a gift for a theatre enthusiast? Or maybe you want to share your love of theatre with your loved ones? Either way, our subscription is the way to go! It is valid for the entirety of a season.

  • You receive 6 vouchers appliable to any of our productions currently on the repertory
  • You can pick any of the scheduled performances except for opening nights
  • There is no limit to how many vouchers per performance you can use
  • We guarantee to provide you with 1st category seats (worth 390 CZK)

If the 1st category seating capacity is fulfilled, you will be offered seats in the 2nd category. Vouchers can be converted to tickets at the Box Office or by booking at or 222 868 880. Booked tickets will be ready for collection at the Box Office until the beginning of the performance. The vouchers cannot be used repeatedly, should tickets not be picked up and used.

Gift Cards
200 CZK / 500 CZK / 800 CZK

A night in the theatre is a gift for your loved ones or even yourself! Our Gift Cards can be used for any scheduled performance, except for opening nights. Gift Cards are valid for the entirety of the season, so there’s no need to worry you wouldn’t have enough time to put them to use. Gift Cards can only be used to purchase tickets, not merchandising or other products. Gift Cards may be combined with cash.

GoOut Gift Cards
500 CZK / 700 CZK / 1 000 CZK

We also present an online alternative to our Gift Cards. You can purchase them at the GoOut website. Each voucher has its unique code that you apply while purchasing a ticket via the GoOut website or in our Box Office. The GoOut unique voucher code may be used repeatedly until its value is exhausted. The GoOut Gift Card will be sent to your e-mail after purchase in a form of a pdf file that you can print out. More information is available on the GoOut website. GoOut’s terms and conditions apply.

Support Us

Divadlo Na zábradlí is a public benefit organization. The financial support we receive from The Prague City Hall covers the maintenance of the Theatre building and the salaries of our staff. Any other expense (as well as the costs of our productions) is covered by the Theatre’s profits, but mainly by the generous donations of our donors and sponsors. We are humbled and grateful for all our fans and audiences who make our work worthwhile. Visiting our Theatre is not the only way you can show support to Divadlo Na zábradlí.

  • An option accessible for most – Buy a ticket and see one of our productions.
  • Another option, suitable for any benefactors – Become a godparent or a foster parent of our Theatre.
  • You may also rent our Theatre spaces for business or other events.
  • Or you may book out the whole theatre and buy a performance of one of our productions just for you and your guests.

Partners of Divadlo Na zábradlí

Divadlo Na zábradlí present a partnership with one of the most significant theatres in the Czech Republic. We want to offer much more than simple means to reduce your taxes and see your logo in the playbill. Our Theatre wants to go beyond that. Divadlo Na zábradlí is not just a building standing on pillars of a long tradition, it is mainly the people who keep it going. We see our partners to be one of those people. Our goal is to have our partners say at the end of the year: “My partnership with Divadlo Na zábradlí has been one of the best investments of the year.” We model the conditions of the partnership exclusively to suit each individual partner.

Would you like to become a partner of our Theatre?

Get in touch with Jan Búrik:

222 868 870, 774 000 390

Godparent of a Production

By donating 5.000 CZK to one of our productions, you gain the following benefits:

  • Two tickets to the opening night
  • The playbill to the Production
  • Acknowledgement and thanks in the playbill and on our website
  • Priority privileges for booking tickets
  • Regular updates on the latest news at Divadlo Na zábradlí
  • Invites to special events of Divadlo Na zábradlí
  • Invite to the closing night of the season
  • A tour of the Theatre and our Theatre gift package

Foster Parent of the Theatre

By donating 10.000 CZK to our theatre season, you gain the following benefits:

  • Two tickets to all opening nights of the season
  • Playbills to all our productions of the season
  • Acknowledgement and thanks in the playbills and on our website
  • An opportunity to attend a rehearsal
  • Priority privileges for booking tickets
  • Regular updates on the latest news at Divadlo Na zábradlí
  • Invites to special events of Divadlo Na zábradlí
  • An invite to the closing night of the season
  • Private tour of the Theatre
  • Our Theatre gift package

Would you like to become a Godparent or a Foster Parent of our Theatre?

Get in touch with Helena Bartošová:

739 023 171

Godparents and Foster Parents of Divadla Na zábradlí

Godmothers of Hamlets (2016) – Lucie a Sára Blahoňovské
Godfather of Obsession (2016) – Vladimír Majer
Godmothers of Woodcutters (2018) – Lenka Střeláková and Valerie Muliar
Godmother of Brief Interviews with Hideous Man (2019) – Pavlína Cermanová
Godmother of Lost Illusions (2021) – Veronika Veinholdová
Godfather of Discoland (2022) – Vladimír Majer

Foster Parents

Pavlína Saudková (2016)
Alexandra a Ivo Šlosarčíkovi (2019)
Jiří Zahradnický (2019)
Aneta Suchopárová (2020)

The productions of Divadlo Na zábradlí were also supported by Roman Blumentrit, Dramox and Stránčické divadlo Pro radost.

Thank You!


We have our own collection of gift items and memorabilia connected to Divadlo Na zábradlí and its productions, which you can check out on our e-shop. Should you have an interest in acquiring or purchasing any merchandise items outside of the opening hours of the Box Office, shop online or get in touch with . Thank you.

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