Petr Čtvrtníček

Member of Divadlo Na zábradlí ensemble since 1999.

He studied scenography at the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts in Prague, then went on to the University of Civil Defence in Ostrava. He was not accepted to any acting school, for which he is still grateful to fate. In the 1980s he acted and wrote scripts at the Vrata Theatre, which was an important Prague amateur theatre in its time. In addition to acting in the theatre, he is not only a performer, but also an author, scriptwriter and creator of popular satirical TV shows, where he is especially famous for his sharp parodies and provocations in which he spares no one. Television viewers may know him from a number of series, and he has also starred in many films. Outside of Divadlo Na zábradlí, he has been a guest at the Kalich Theatre and the Summer Shakespeare Festival.


H. de Balzac – Lost Illusions, 2023

P. Erbes, B. Jedinák – Discoland, 2022

Inspector Lestrade
DJ, A. C. Doyle – The Curious Case of Mr. Holmes, 2018

Man 2
DJ, Shakespeare – Macbeth – Too Much Blood, 2017

J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová & col. – Hamlets, 2015


D. Štědroňová – Meeting, 2021

J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová & col. - Obsession, 2021

Doctor, Adrian
J. Žváček – Golden Beach, 2020

DJ, J. Conrad – The Secret Agent, 2019

H. Ch. Andersen & col. – AnderSen, 2017

I. A. Gončarov, M. Františák – Om as Oblomov, 2016

V. Bodó, J. Róbert – Anamnesis, 2015

Police Officer, Man with Newspaper
J. Havelka & col. – Madness, 2014

G. Rosales – Boarding Home, 2014

Barber Zemánek
J. Neuberg, F. Vlček – Last Time Today, 2013

Miloš Brázda
E. Tobiáš – Daily (Ponies of Weakness), 2012

Small Monk
B. Brecht – Life of Galilei, 2012

Fu-si, Basil
E. Pound – Cantos, 2012

M. Bambušek – Czech War, 2011

Captain Evald
J. Havelka & col. – Ubu is Having Fun, 2010

R. Schimmelpfennig – Ambrosia, 2010

Sigismund of Luxembourg
L. Smoljak – Hus: Alia minora of the Council of Constance, 2009

Prosecutor Florian
V. Havel – Incitement and Punishment, 2009

P. O. Enquist – Blanche and Mary, 2009

Landowner Ulfheim
H. Ibsen – Arnie Has a Problem, 2008

W. Shakespeare – Troilus and Cressida, 2006

Karel Zatloukal
R. Blanda – You Can Trust Us, 2006

A. P. Chehkov – Platonov is Rascal!, 2005

I. Tasnádi – Public Enemy, 2004

D. Greig – Cosmonaut's Last Message to a Woman He Once Loved in the Former Soviet Union, 2003

Jimmy Dexter
D. Lane, B. Brecht, K. Weil – Happy End, 2002

Lichteinstein, Devil
G. Tabori – A Ballad About Viennese Schnitzel, 2001

J. Ornest – Tragedy of Avenger, 2000

V. I. Lenin
L. Smoljak – Small October, 1999

Michail Borkin
A. P. Chehkov – Ivanov, 1997

N. V. Gogol – The Government Inspector, 1995


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