10/05 2024

Subtitles Friendly!

Divadlo Na Zábradlí has always been one of the leading theatres of the contemporary Czech scene. As one of the few theatres in the Czech Republic, it offers performances for foreign visitors and the expat community every month, either in English, with English subtitles, German subtitles or Ukrainian subtitles. We change the selection of performances every month, in the program these performances can be found under the tag “(EN) English friendly”, “(DE) Deutsch freundlich” or “(UA) Українські субтитри”. The subtitles are projected over the playing area so that they are easy to read, but at the same time do not disturb the audience, who will not use them. The viewer will have a suitable visibility of the subtitles from about the 5th row onwards, including all places on the balcony.

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