Miloš Orson Štědroň

Velvet Havel

What a hit! Just film it!

Velvet Havel is an original music theatre project of Miloš Orson Štědroň who made his way to the name of Václav Havel after his previous awarded theatrical projects dedicated to significant Czech personalities (Ivan Blatný, Jaroslav Hašek, Antonín Dvořák, Josef Gočár, Johann Gregor Mendel). Orson Štědroň is freely inspired by Havel’s life and work and tells the story of his life as well as the live around him and us with his authentic style and sense of humour. The musical form of the performance provides an opportunity to deal with the difficult and delicate theme of one of the most significant Czech characters (a legend already during his life) with a detached view and high level of originality.

warning: a lot of cigarettes

75 min without interval

director / Jan Frič
music / Miloš Orson Štědroň
dramaturgy / Lucie Ferenzová
set / David Černý, Jan Frič
costumes / Lucia Škandíková

Miloš Havel / Petr Jeništa
Václav Havel / Miloslav König
Olga Havel / Dita Kaplanová
Muse / Anežka Kubátová
Universal / Natália Drabiščáková or Vojtěch Vondráček
Crew / Tomáš Pospíšil, Jan Urban
piano / Miloš Orson Štědroň
saxophone / Pavel Fiedler
drums / Jan Švamberg

May 2nd and 3rd, 2014

We also present with English subtitles.
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  • 2014 – Theatre Critics’ Awards – Play of the Year
  • 2014 – Theatre Critics’ Awards – The Best Czech Play of the Year
  • 2014 – Theatre Critics’ Awards – Music of the Year: Miloš Orson Štědroň
  • 2014 – Theatre Critics’ Awards – Female Actor of the Year: Marie Spurná
  • 2014 – Theatre Critics’ Awards – Male Actor of the Year: Miloslav König
  • 2014 – Theatre Critics’ Awards – Male Actor of the Year: Petr Jeništa (4th place)


  • 2019 – Rich Mix, London (United Kingdom)
  • 2016 – Mala Scena STU, Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • 2016 – Festival NA HAVLA!, Budapest (Hungary)
  • 2015 – Międzynarodowy Festiwal Teatralny DEMOLUDY, Olsztyn (Poland)
  • 2015 – Astorka, Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • 2015 – BallhausOst Theater – Prag Berlin Festival (Germany)
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