Petr Erbes

Dramaturg in Divadlo Na zábradlí since 2020.

He studied Multimedia Technology at the Czech Technical University and then Directing and Dramaturgy at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Among other things, he explores the active role of the audience and the structures of the play. He regularly works with Boris Jedinák on productions at Divadlo Na zábradlí, as well as at Husa na provázku Theatre and Minor Theatre. He is also involved in projects that go beyond the usual limits of theatre – for example, the card games Panství (2021) and Legionářek (2018) or the interactive table Nad Zborovskou plání (2018). His other non-theatre projects include Montovna (2018), performed as part of the 4+4 Days in Motion festival, and the radio play The Last Vinnetou (2020) for the Fast Forward festival.

He co-founded the artist collective 8lidí, with which he regularly produces alternative and performative projects. He is co-author of productions at the Komedie Theatre, the National Theatre in Brno, Jatka78 and others. He has collaborated with Jiří Havelka on productions at the Dejvice Theatre and the Slovak National Theatre. He is also a playwright.

Together with Boris Jedinák, they have been part of the directorial and dramaturgical team of Divadlo Na zábradlí since 2020. In addition, they create the theatre’s off-programme Úrodná půda (Fertile Soil), which includes podcasts and workshops, among other things.


conception, script, director
P. Erbes, B. Jedinák – God in Las Vegas, 2024
collective DNz – Bar, 2023
P. Erbes, B. Jedinák – Discoland, 2022

D. Horáková – About Pavel, 2023


conception, script, director
8lidí – Cleopatra, 2021
P. Erbes, B. Jedinák – Conked by a Cudgel, 2020

Artistic Leadership

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