Marek Cpin

Head stage designer of Divadlo Na zábradlí since 2013.

He studied scenography and costume at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno in the atelier of doc. Miroslav Melena. He has designed more than a hundred sets for productions all over the Czech Republic. He regularly collaborates with Jan Mikulášek. His striking costumes, even in contemporary plays, are characterized by precise stylization. He is a set designer of major stage gestures that make the set a key element of the production.

In 2010, 2011 and 2013 he was nominated for the Alfréd Radok Award in the category of Scenography of the Year. He has received the Theatre Critics Award in the category of Scenography of the Year for the productions Hedonists (2014) and Woodcutters (2018). In 2012, he designed the costumes for Jitka Rudolfová’s film Rozkoš (Delight), for which he was nominated for the Czech Lion (Czech Film and Television Academy Awards). For five years he was the fashion director of Yellow magazine and fashion editor of the Czech issue of ELLE.


set and costumes
P. Klusák, D. Štědroňová, J. Mikulášek, M. Kyšperský – Inside a Banana, 2024
L. Tolstoy – Resurrection, 2023
R. Liksom – Bear with a Chainsaw, 2022
H. de Balzac – Lost Illusions, 2021
I. Bergman, J. Mikulášek – Personas, 2018
T. Bernhard – Woodcutters, 2018
J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová & col. – Hamlets, 2015
J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová & col. – Hedonists, 2014
P. Ouředník – Europeana, 2013
P. Juráček – Golden Sixties, 2013

kolektiv DNz – Bar, 2023


set and costumes
J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová – Obscura, 2022
J. Mikulášek, B. Jedinák & col. – Hello Universe!, 2021
J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová – Let's Rejoice and Be Merry, 2020
H. Ch. Andersen & col. – AnderSen, 2017
J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová & col. – Obsession, 2016
A. Camus – The Stranger, 2014
J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová – Bourgeoisie, 2013
J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová – Grey Seventies, 2013

D. Štědroňová – Meeting, 2021
J. Voskovec, J. Werich – V+W: The Letters, 2013

Artistic Leadership

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