Anna Kameníková

Member of Divadlo Na zábradlí ensemble since 2024.

She studied acting at the Prague Conservatory. She came to wider attention in 2011 when she played the role of a sexually abused girl in Jan Hřebejk’s film Innocence and was nominated for the Czech Lion (Czech Film and Television Academy Awards) and the Czech Film Critics’ Award. She was nominated for the Czech Lion twice more, in 2020 for the title role in the TV miniseries Božena and two years later for her performance in Jan Prušinovský’s Grand Prix. In addition to film and theatre, she has also worked for radio – among other things, she narrated an audiobook based on the novel by Anna Cima I Wake Up in Shibuya for which she was awarded the Audiobook of the Year award in the Best Female Performer category. When it comes to theatre, she is currently performing in productions at Činoherní klub, Letí Theatre and Vzlet. She loves to cook and in 2017 she published her own cookbook.


nurse, Betty, Laura
P. Klusák, J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová, M. Kyšperský – Inside a Banana, 2024

Eva, Liv
I. Bergman, J. Mikulášek - Personas, 2024

Missi, Larisa
L. Tolstoy - Resurrection, 2023


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