Vojtěch Vondráček

Member of Divadlo Na zábradlí ensemble since 2019.

He was born in Prague, in his teenage years he was a fencer and participated in the world championships. In high school he studied Animation and Photography. Under the guidance of director Jan Mikulášek, he studied at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU in Prague. Since childhood, he has been a guest at Divadlo v Dlouhé, where his father, actor Jan Vondráček, is a member of the ensemble. Apart from Divadlo Na zábradlí, he is now active in the Komedie Theatre, and he also works for Czech Radio and narrates audiobooks. He has starred in several student films, television series and feature films. With his father he founded a multigenerational nine-piece musical ensemble where he plays violin, bass guitar and sings. For his portrayal of Lucien Chardon in Lost Illusions, he was nominated for the Divadelní noviny Award in 2021.


Jiří Štaidl
P. Erbes, B. Jedinák – God in Las Vegas, 2024

A. P. Chekhov – The Seagull, 2024

Tiny Tim, J. Schmid
P. Klusák, J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová, M. Kyšperský – Inside a Banana, 2024

The Dark soldier, Josef Rölz, Jiří Menzel, Pavel Landovský and more
D. Horáková - About Pavel, 2023

Prisoner, Stalker, Bandleader
R. Liksom – Bear with a Chainsaw, 2022

Franz Gross
D. Jařab, J. Kudláč – Freud's Late Afternoon, 2021

Lucien Chardon
H. de Balzac – Lost Illusions, 2021

J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová & col. - Hamlets, 2020

Man 1
DJ, Shakespeare – Macbeth – Too Much Blood, 2019

Block, Johann
I. Bergman, J. Mikulášek – Personas, 2018


J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová - Obscura, 2022

Ralf Fischer
J. Mikulášek, B. Jedinák & col. – Hello Universe!, 2021

8lidí – Cleopatra, 2021

D. Štědroňová – Meeting, 2021

P. Erbes, B. Jedinák & col. – Conked by a Cudgel, 2020

J. Mikulášek, D. Štědroňová & col. – Obsession, 2020

DJ, J. Conrad – The Secret Agent, 2019

M. O. Štědroň – Velvet Havel, 2019

Doctor Blase
V. Bodó, J. Róberts – Anamnesis, 2019

D. Jařab – Good Boys, 2018


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