Kateřina Císařová and others


You know the one where six Hamlets walk into a bar and order one espresso? And you know the one where they get a Belgian sandwich? Come find out what goes on at the theater bar during the show. How do the theatre workers pass the time before their next performance? How much time do the lighting technicians have until the next lighting change they have to clear? And how do they spend it?

The bar as a meeting place. The bar as a battleground. The bar as an alternate between acts. Experience a unique theatre project in which you can glimpse Divadlo Na zábradlí from an unconventional perspective. The site-specific performance taking place right in the café of Divadlo Na zábradlí is partly based on real stories that have taken place “behind the backs” of unsuspecting spectators during a performance.

Oh, and you know the one where Richard comes to the bar and orders a third beer?

60 minutes without interval

directors / Petr ErbesBoris Jedinák
conception, script / Kateřina Císařová, Petr Erbes, Boris Jedinák a kol.
costumes, set / Marek Cpin
music / Miloslav König
lyrics / Ivan Voříšek

Dita Kaplanová
Anežka Kubátová
Kateřina Císařová
Johana Matoušková
Miloslav König
Michal Bednář
Jakub Žáček
Tereza Klimovičová
Ivan Voříšek
Tomáš Pospíšil
Jiří Šimeček

September 14th, 2023

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