David Jařab, Jakub Kudláč

Freud's Late Afternoon

A psychoanalytic musical whose main character is none other than Sigmund Freud himself. A production on a theme that remains extremely controversial to this day. Vienna in the golden period of the end of the 19th century was entertaining, opulent, intoxicating, but also hypocritical. The city was not yet strong enough for some revelations and could not understand the origin of some traumas. The developed world was not yet mature enough to reveal secrets hidden behind the safety walls of family residences and unlit corners of human souls.

95 minutes without interval

script, set, director / David Jařab
dramaturgy / Barbora Šupová
costumes / Sylva Zimula Hanáková
music / Jakub Kudláč

Freud / Václav Vašák
Marta Freud / Jana Plodková
Mina, Mizzi, Mantis / Kateřina Císařová
Dr. Fliess, Death’s-head hawkmoth, Badger, mad doctor / Jiří Černý
Vilma, Elisabeth / Anežka Kubátová or Anna Fialová
Franz Gross / Vojtěch Vondráček
Ferdinand Gross / Robert Mikluš or Vasil Fridrich
Karl Wurm / Miloslav König
Wilfried Janitzky / Michal Bednář
woman behind glass / Lucie Djakoualnová

November 22nd and 23rd, 2021

Partners of production are Color design and DC Sloupy. Thank you.

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