Leo Tolstoy, Armin Petras


This life is far from over yet.

Meeting in court are Katya Maslova and Prince Nekhlyudov – a 27-year-old prostitute accused of murder and a wealthy wartime officer. Their chance meeting brings the past to life and affects the future. Criticism of the system, society, the church, and moral and existential questions resonate in this powerful personal and love story.

Resurrection is Tolstoy’s last novel and the novel that most clearly points to the present. It begins in 19th century Moscow and ends in timelessness, placelessness, nothingness. There they are all gathered: the misunderstood, the spat out, the last fighters for justice. The vast work of the great Russian writer is presented in a unique adaptation by contemporary German playwright Armin Petras. A gripping narrative, extraordinary acting performances and a black and white, multi-layered set give rise to an exceptional piece of theatre about social conditions in a country where everyone lives for themselves and all words about God are a fraud.

warning: cigarettes, stroboscope

130 minutes with interval

director / Jan Mikulášek
translation / Petr Štědroň
dramaturgy / Dora Štědroňová
set and costumes / Marek Cpin

Miloslav König
Kateřina Císařová
Anna Kameníková
Dita Kaplanová
Barbora Bočková or Anežka Kubátová
Václav Vašák
Jiří Černý
Michal Bednář

June 16th, 2023

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