Jan Mikulášek, Dora Štědroňová & others


Do you know the one where Rudolf Hrušínský goes to heaven?

A curious company meets in a hotel lobby. An actor, who is trying to learn lines to a difficult text perilously, an elegant lady with a secret in her bag, a strange man who is the punchline to everyone’s joke… They all seemingly have nothing in common, time drags slowly or is virtually standing still; their talks have no end, no one leaves, but every now and then, someone departs this life. The boundary between life and death blurs and questions such as “What’s for dinner?” and “How will I die?” gain equal importance. Grotesque retelling of the topic of life and death awash with hyperbole, humour, and melancholy.

warning: cigarettes

80 min without interval

director / Jan Mikulášek
dramaturgy / Dora Štědroňová
set and costumes / Marek Cpin
music / Miloslav König

Hedonist / Dita Kaplanová
Hedonist / Magdaléna Sidonová or Johana Matoušková
Hedonist / Jana Plodková
Hedonist / Anežka Kubátová
Hedonist / Jiří Černý
Hedonist / Václav Vašák
Hedonist / Miloslav König
Hedonist / Petr Jeništa
Hedonist / Jakub Žáček

October 24th and 25th, 2014


  • 2014 – Theatre Critics’ Awards – Set of the Year: Marek Cpin


  • 2019 – Gare au Théâtre – Fais un saut à Prague, Arcueil (France)
  • 2016 – Teatro Wüstenrot, Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • 2015 – Studio L+S, Bratislava (Slovakia)
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